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A nation of happy campers

With the communal tent-fest that is the Electric Picnic just a week away, John Cradden offers a fool-proof guide to slumming it in The Great Outdoors It’s already that time of the year when tens of thousands of revellers are preparing to descend on the Laois countryside for Electric Picnic next weekend. But before all […]
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Is importing a used car from the UK still worth it?

Experts believe that it is still cheaper to import a second-hand car from the UK or the North, even taking VRT into account, but be careful you don’t pay over the odds, writes John Cradden IF you are one of the many thousands of motorists who sourced a used car from the UK in search […]
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Supermarket psychology

Supermarkets use clever psychology strategies to entice customers to spend more time on the floor, buy extra goods, and move quickly to checkouts at closing rime, writes John Cradden. Thursday August 26 2010 HAVE you ever found yourself muttering under your breath that you have to traipse almost all the way through your local supermarket […]
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Journey to the centre of the earth

Stephen MacNamara (far right) upon reaching ‘Game Over’ during hs last trip to the bottom of Krubera-Voronja Before their descent into the ‘underground Everest’, the deepest spot on the planet accessible to humans, JOHN CRADDEN talks to four Irish cavers for whom the only way is down WHILE THE rest of us are soaking up […]
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