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A weird pendulum effect

It’s nearly three weeks since my operation, and I’m feeling fine. It’s still another two weeks to go before my activation, or switch-on and, suffice to say, I’m counting the days. The scar is healing OK, and the left side of my head isn’t so sore to touch anymore. My ear is still numb, but […]
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What is a cochlear implant?

Ok, some context may be required here as to why I now have a computer in my head, and which is due to be booted up on 13th September. If you’re reading this, the chances are you know something about cochlear implants, but if you don’t, here’s a reasonably succinct, 100-word explanation: A cochlear implant […]
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Don’t throw money in the bin

Smart Consumer: Wasted food? You might as well throw your money in the bin . . . A bit of forward thinking can mean big savings on shopping bills, writes John Cradden By John Cradden Thursday August 25 2011 When money’s tight, there’s no excuse for letting lettuce go to seed, allowing apples to go […]
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I’m getting a computer in my head…

As hinted in this recent article here, I’m getting a computer put into my head on 10th August. Eek. That’s like, just four days away. Fingers crossed. More soon. Update 16/08/2011:  Back out of hospital. All good. There’s now a computer in my head. Stitches out wed. Boot-up scheduled for 13 Sept. More soon.
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