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Pondering a book, but still seeking a stable map

Three weeks since my last post. I need to go to blogging confession again. It’s not as if there isn’t plenty to say. In fact, I am thinking of writing a proper book about all this between now and next year, and have actually spent much of this morning thinking about a tentative outline and […]
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Self-assessed tax returns: DIY or use an agent?

Like visits from the grim reaper, there is never a convenient time for taxes. But for the nearly 300,000 among us who are self-employed, as well as the many thousands more who have non-PAYE sources of income to declare, it’s not like you haven’t been warned. The tax-return deadline date of October 31 is well […]
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Early Christmas shopping – is there any point?

You might have to rub your eyes and wonder if you really do need to go to Specsavers. But no, there’s no mistake. We’ve just been enjoying an Indian summer, and Halloween is still a full month away, but take a walk today down certain aisles of your local supermarket and there is a good […]
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