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Got a motoring-related question?

There’s a hilarious thread running on the popular online forum called “ guide to stereotyping cars”. It’s a great piss-take on the kinds of silly questions that are frequently posted on the Motors section, but also how those who respond frequently give away how little they actually know about cars or motoring. “I know […]
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Volume advice falls on deaf ears

High volume levels in MP3 players are causing hearing problems for people in their 30s, writes JOHN CRADDEN IF YOU have an Apple iPod, you may be among those owners who find the highest volume level for listening through your earbuds is not quite high enough. If so, just type in the words “Apple iPod […]
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A grand car for a €1,000

How you can bag a bargain when buying a banger. . . Drives a hard bargain: John Cradden puts the finishing touches to his ‘new’ family car. Picture Ronan Lang By John Cradden Thursday January 06 2011 It might sound like the type of challenge those three idiots on BBC’s Top Gear would relish, but […]
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