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Got a motoring-related question?

There’s a hilarious thread running on the popular online forum called “ guide to stereotyping cars”. It’s a great piss-take on the kinds of silly questions that are frequently posted on the Motors section, but also how those who respond frequently give away how little they actually know about cars or motoring. “I know […]
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Have you ever been mugged by a deaf person?

I thought this was very original:
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Irish Deaf News in ISL

I first started learning Irish Sign Language (ISL) more than 15 years ago while at college and have used it sporadically since then, but I’m still not as fluent as I would like to be. This is mainly because I only have a few deaf friends and don’t see them very often (partly due to […]
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Great excuse to use a bicycle more often

I very much enjoy bicycles and cycling, but I’m not hugely fussed about the racing or sporting aspect of it as I am about bicycles as transport. I’ve owned a few bicycles in my time, most of them with practical but very unfashionable accessories such as mudguards and racks. But the one item that has […]
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