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Car sharing clubs

By John Cradden Thursday September 09 2010 The costs and hassles of owning a car or two certainly add up. As well as the expense of buying them in the first place, you have to regularly stump up for fuel, insurance, motor tax, servicing and repairs, NCTs, cleaning, and parking fees. Cork city resident Laura […]
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Outwit the ATM thieves

Thursday September 09 2010 JUST when you thought you could let your guard down a little, some sneaky thieves are still looking over your shoulder. Following the rollout of the ‘chip and pin’ card system from 2007 and the installation of anti-skimming technology in most ATMs around the country, the problem of ATM and card […]
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How are your bank deposits protected?

As the Government extends its bank guarantee scheme until the end of the year, confusion persists over which deposits are protected and in which institutions, writes John Cradden Thursday September 02 2010 YOU may not have noticed, but the Government’s much-criticised bank guarantee scheme was extended recently. The scheme, which was launched in September 2008 […]
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