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Dream bangers

There’s a lot to be said for old workhorse cars – they may be long on mileage, but for the most part, they’re much shorter on cost than their shinier, newer counterparts, writes JOHN CRADDEN CARS IN IRELAND generally live a hard life. Motorists here do higher average mileages than those in other EU countries, […]
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Holidaying on the cheap

Smart Consumer: How to fund your next holiday By John Cradden Thursday January 26 2012 This is traditionally the time of year when many families plan and book their summer holidays, but if a tighter household budget has ruled out your usual two weeks in the sun, there are loads of clever ways to get […]
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It’s time to have my ears what?

Smart consumer Listen up: It’s time to have your ears checked By John Cradden Absolutely no pun intended, but here is a piece of information that tends to fall on deaf ears. One in six people worldwide has a hearing loss greater than 25 decibels (dB), according to the World Health Organisation. About half of […]
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