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A computer in my head

Michael Chorost, author of Rebuilt: How Becoming Part-Computer Made Me More Human. PHOTOGRAPH: ANNE KELLEY LOONEY LIFE SCIENCE: John Cradden, a possible candidate for cochlear implant surgery, contemplates how medical science could shape the future of human development IT’S INTRIGUING, if slightly unnerving to think I could find myself at the vanguard of human enhancement […]
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Save at your local library

The world is waiting, and much of it is free, writes John Cradden By John Cradden Thursday June 16 2011 The internet age means most people who need to do some research or find some information quickly go online. It’s become second nature. Almost all of us have internet access at home so the notion […]
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Save money at music festivals

Thursday June 09 2011 For many music fans, the two biggest Irish open-air summer festivals, Oxegen and Electric Picnic, are not to be missed — at any cost. But what a cost. When you factor in the cost of the ticket, drink, food, tent, transport, sleeping bag and various other essential items, most people camping […]
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