Connected: How a Cochlear Implant Made Me More Deaf

Book cover final pub size


I’ve finally published a book. It’s a shortish ebook about my experience of getting a cochlear implant, parts of which I’ve written about in the past for this blog. It’s been some five years in the works, although I left my first draft to gather dust for a while before revisiting it and re-writing the ending.  The title might imply to some that the implant was a failure, but this is far from the case. In fact, it’s great and continues to be so. It’s more that the whole process of getting one went hand-in-hand with what I would describe as a significant part of my search for a ‘deaf’ identity. I think that many deaf and hard of hearing people and their families, friends and colleagues will relate to many of the stories in this book – whether they have cochlear implants or not. You can purchase it via an ebook publishing platform called Smashwords or from Amazon for the modest price of $2.99. I hope you like it! Any questions, you can email me at john [at]




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