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Irish Times article: music to my ears

I wrote an article for the Irish Times Insight supplement, which appeared last week, based on a chat with Richard Reed, a musician with a cochlear implant, who I first talked about here. Here’s the PDF First page of article Second page of article
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The digital TV switchover

Saorview will replace all analogue TV by 2012. John Cradden looks at how this will work Get connected: Paddy Mulhern from Kinsale, Co Cork, with his many remote controls Thursday October 20 2011 It was all supposed to be a very big deal. The Minister for Communications, Pat Rabbitte, announced last week that the old, […]
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Self-assessed tax returns: DIY or use an agent?

Like visits from the grim reaper, there is never a convenient time for taxes. But for the nearly 300,000 among us who are self-employed, as well as the many thousands more who have non-PAYE sources of income to declare, it’s not like you haven’t been warned. The tax-return deadline date of October 31 is well […]
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Early Christmas shopping – is there any point?

You might have to rub your eyes and wonder if you really do need to go to Specsavers. But no, there’s no mistake. We’ve just been enjoying an Indian summer, and Halloween is still a full month away, but take a walk today down certain aisles of your local supermarket and there is a good […]
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Confessions of a haggler

The very idea of bargaining sends some shoppers into a cold sweat — but there are savings to be made if you know how, writes John Cradden For the average Irish consumer, haggling is still a bit of a dirty word. Many of us are reluctant to roll up our sleeves and give it a […]
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Don’t skimp on car maintenance

Our cars are getting older, but looking after them needn’t cost the earth, writes John Cradden Thursday September 08 2011 It will probably come as no surprise to learn that our cars are getting older. After all, new car sales fell off a cliff in 2009, and only recovered last year thanks to the scrappage […]
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Going out is the new staying in

Smart Consumer: Going out is the new staying in: how you and the family can enjoy free fun… By John Cradden Thursday September 01 2011 When the recession began, staying in became the new going out as far as entertainment was concerned. Today, money is still tight, gig tickets are still an arm and a […]
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Don’t throw money in the bin

Smart Consumer: Wasted food? You might as well throw your money in the bin . . . A bit of forward thinking can mean big savings on shopping bills, writes John Cradden By John Cradden Thursday August 25 2011 When money’s tight, there’s no excuse for letting lettuce go to seed, allowing apples to go […]
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What you can save by cycling

Easy rider: Artist Liam Daly has no trouble comfortably lugging his materials around the city, thanks to his innovative cargo bike Thursday June 30 2011 If you’re not already among those who have taken to two wheels in recent times, you won’t have to look far to find reasons why. Beating the traffic, getting more […]
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A computer in my head

Michael Chorost, author of Rebuilt: How Becoming Part-Computer Made Me More Human. PHOTOGRAPH: ANNE KELLEY LOONEY LIFE SCIENCE: John Cradden, a possible candidate for cochlear implant surgery, contemplates how medical science could shape the future of human development IT’S INTRIGUING, if slightly unnerving to think I could find myself at the vanguard of human enhancement […]
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