Death and digital assets

When it comes to having an online presence, I’m a bit of a late developer.

Although I’ve had an email account since 1999, I only signed up to Facebook and LinkedIn last year.

And after resisting for a matter of months, I’m now on Twitter and I’ve also just set up my own website/blog, without being 100% sure exactly why I’m doing it.

However, I do know I’m not supposed to doing either of these things just for the sake of it. There is a purpose. I just don’t know what it is yet. But hopefully it will be fun figuring it out.

The long-winded point of this post is that in the process of starting all this, I had an idea for an article about what happens to your digital assets when you die, which has appeared today in the Irish Times.

Many thanks to Darragh Doyle, Grannymar, Ellybabes, Will Knott, Niall Kitson and Michele Neylon for their input.

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  1. By Grannymar » Long Arm of the Law on November 13, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    […] So my email today was to let me know the article has appeared in The Irish Times today and also mentioned in John Cradden’s Blog. […]

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