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Holidaying on the cheap

Smart Consumer: How to fund your next holiday By John Cradden Thursday January 26 2012 This is traditionally the time of year when many families plan and book their summer holidays, but if a tighter household budget has ruled out your usual two weeks in the sun, there are loads of clever ways to get […]
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It’s time to have my ears what?

Smart consumer Listen up: It’s time to have your ears checked By John Cradden Absolutely no pun intended, but here is a piece of information that tends to fall on deaf ears. One in six people worldwide has a hearing loss greater than 25 decibels (dB), according to the World Health Organisation. About half of […]
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Irish Times article: music to my ears

I wrote an article for the Irish Times Insight supplement, which appeared last week, based on a chat with Richard Reed, a musician with a cochlear implant, who I first talked about here. Here’s the PDF First page of article Second page of article
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Tinny radio rocks!

It’s been just over four months since I was activated, so time for an update. I knew that my soundscape would change as soon as I got the implant, but even after four months, it’s still changing. If you’ve read previous blog entries, you’ll remember that I struggled to settle into a program that I […]
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Mapping a path to a hearing sun

I went for my third mapping on Thursday 1st Dec, a week ago. First, a warning: what you are about to read is quite long and technical, and therefore probably quite dull and uninteresting if you’re not a CI user yourself, or at least profoundly interested in the audiological science surrounding it. Jacki, my audiologist, […]
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Hanging on the telephone

On Thursday I’ll be going for my second mapping session, so now seems a good time to report on progress. I had the volume turned up near to its max for the last few weeks in the assumption that I would need more volume as time goes on. But in my case, the volume seems […]
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Richard Reed, a musician with a cochlear implant

I attended a music workshop for CI implantees yesterday at Beaumont Hospital given by a chap called Richard Reed. Reed, from the USA, is a professional musician who lost his hearing several years ago and subsequently got a cochlear implant, although not until about ten years later. Since then, he has embarked on his own […]
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The digital TV switchover

Saorview will replace all analogue TV by 2012. John Cradden looks at how this will work Get connected: Paddy Mulhern from Kinsale, Co Cork, with his many remote controls Thursday October 20 2011 It was all supposed to be a very big deal. The Minister for Communications, Pat Rabbitte, announced last week that the old, […]
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Pondering a book, but still seeking a stable map

Three weeks since my last post. I need to go to blogging confession again. It’s not as if there isn’t plenty to say. In fact, I am thinking of writing a proper book about all this between now and next year, and have actually spent much of this morning thinking about a tentative outline and […]
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Self-assessed tax returns: DIY or use an agent?

Like visits from the grim reaper, there is never a convenient time for taxes. But for the nearly 300,000 among us who are self-employed, as well as the many thousands more who have non-PAYE sources of income to declare, it’s not like you haven’t been warned. The tax-return deadline date of October 31 is well […]
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