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A US psychologist is urging parents to chill out and just let their children get on with things, writes John Cradden Monday September 17 2012 PUSHY parents, eh? Look at their poor kids. You can almost see the deadness in their eyes. Being shuttled from one activity to another in the SUVs, seven days a […]
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Laser-eye surgery for older folk

Caption: Fergal Brehony, from Dublin, says getting Kamra is the best thing he’s ever done Laser surgery for age-related sight defects is proving popular, writes John Cradden IF YOU have to hold this newspaper at arm’s length, or squint your eyes while reading this on a screen, it could be well worth your while reading […]
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Smart Consumer: Keep fit on the cheap

Your exercise routine doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, writes John Cradden There are few activities in life that are genuinely free, but keeping fit is about as close as you can get. Of course, there are those who have a vested interest in persuading you otherwise, such as sports equipment […]
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Q&A for possible cochlear implantees

A few months ago, a friend with a cochlear implant recently asked me to engage in some email correspondence with a chap with a roughly similar hearing background to me who was being assessed (and possibly still is, at the time of writing) by the Beaumont CI programme for a possible implant. He had quite […]
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Stuck in a motoring time warp?

If you’re tempted by a 30-year-old beauty, here are the all-important questions you need to ask yourself, says classic car fan John Cradden. My family, friends and neighbours say I am stuck in a motoring time-warp. It’s probably true. For seven years, I owned a small, two-door BMW saloon from 1974. Before that, I owned […]
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What are the scores, George Dawes?

I did the standard CI speech recognition test this morning, which is used to measure progress in understanding speech in CI recipients. Here are my scores, along with the previous ones from 6 months and before. Pre-op: 14.3% One week post-op: CI and Hearing aid: 6%; CI only 0% 3 months post op: CI and […]
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Gardening on a budget

Joanne Butler   You can discover your green fingers with some help from the experts, says John Cradden For many years, gardening was a relatively inexpensive hobby. It tended to be the preserve of the hardcore green-fingered, and it usually took many years of patience rather than wads of cash to create a beautiful garden. […]
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Deaf village project

A €25 million community development designed for deaf people will open in September, writes John Cradden AFTER FIVE years of planning and a huge amount of consultation, the first and most significant phase of a new €25 million community village development for deaf people is set to officially open in Dublin this September. The development, […]
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Dream bangers

There’s a lot to be said for old workhorse cars – they may be long on mileage, but for the most part, they’re much shorter on cost than their shinier, newer counterparts, writes JOHN CRADDEN CARS IN IRELAND generally live a hard life. Motorists here do higher average mileages than those in other EU countries, […]
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