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Interview with Louise Stern

INTERVIEW: Louise Stern is deaf, which makes her debut novel much more sharp and expressive, writes JOHN CRADDEN THE SHORT STORY is a genre at which many Irish writers excel, but in the UK it’s said to be almost impossible to publish short stories if you’re a first-time writer. Yet 31-year-old American artist and London […]
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Ultimate in depreciation-proof motoring

More and more of us are driving around in our shiny new cars with their super-duper year-10 plate. It’s apparently just about safe again to feel smug about spending some money. Indeed, new car sales so far this year have already overtaken the dismal total sold during the whole of 2009, helped by the Government’s […]
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Keep your smartphone costs down

JUST when you thought you had finally gotten to grips with how mobile phone charges work, along comes a device that adds a new dimension. As well doing all the things a conventional mobile phone does, smartphones allow you to surf the internet and download data such as email, music files and specially-designed software applications […]
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Have you ever been mugged by a deaf person?

I thought this was very original:
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Digital TV – pay or free-to-air?

There are at last some promising signs that RTE’s Digital Terrestrial Television service (DTT) will finally come about, even though the proposed commercial arm of the project has fallen flat on its face following the decision of the third and last-remaining consortium, Easy TV, to pull out. But if you still want to cut household […]
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Unholy smoke!

We didn’t have travel insurance while we were on holiday in France, during which the Icelandic volcano erupted. D’oh!
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Get your tax credits while they last

Tax credits seem to be dissappearing fast as each Budget passes- get yours now while they still exist. It’s super-easy to do online. In the Irish Independent today
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Managing self-employed finances

Lots of people are becoming self-employed; some by choice while others have no other option due to redundancy or a change of contract terms. Here is what you need to know about managing your finances if newly self-employed.
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Post-framework pension planning

What do you need to think about with regards your pension plan now that most of us will have to retire at 68? Irish Independent today and here too.
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Machine vs human translation

Machine translation is getting better, but human translators will always be vital. In the Irish Times today.
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